Nintendo Selects are a group of Wii games that are resold with a smaller box-art, but, to make up for that extra room they added a fancy red border, with a gold out line for the box-art. In the upper-left corner there is a gold banner, with a crown with leaves circling it except at the top. It also says Nintendo Selects on the banner. Mario Super Sluggers was one of the Nintendo Selects games.

List of Mario Nintendo SelectsEdit

Game Image Game Name Game Description
Mario Super Sluggers Mario Super Sluggers, the baseball game this wiki focuses on.
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis, a Mario sports game based on tennis.
Mario Strikers Charged Mario Strikers Charged, a soccer game with Mario in it.
Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy, the first 3D Mario game for the Nintendo Wii.
Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario, the 3rd Paper Mario game, where Mario is Paper.