The Star Skill icon.

A Star Skill is a special type of Pitch or Swing that can be used in-game. They can be used by any player and is a major ability for Team Captains. Star Skills use stars and can only be used when there are enough. How much stars used depends on the player using it. Captains and subcharacters use 1 star, while subcaptains use 2 stars. Star Pitches often make the ball hard to hit, while Star Swings often make it harder, or impossible, to catch the ball.

Star SwingsEdit

If the player is not a Captain, Star Swings may do the following:

  • Ground Ball: The swing hits the ball which often gets runs.
  • Fly Ball: The ball becomes a fly ball.
  • Line Drive: The ball rolls across the ground.

Star PitchesEdit

If the player is not a Captain, Star Pitches may do the following:

  • Fastball: The ball, of course, goes very fast.
  • Change-Up: This is like an extremely upgraded Change-Up, as it goes very high, and off-screen.
  • Breaking Ball: This is a slow pitch that can be easily curved.

This Table shows the names of the Team Captains' Star Skills.

Team Captains' Name Star Pitches' Name Star Swings' Name
Mario Fire Ball Fire Swing
Luigi Tornado Ball Tornado Swing
Princess Peach Heart Ball Heart Swing
Princess Daisy Flower Ball Flower Swing
Yoshi Rainbow Ball Egg Swing
Birdo Suction Ball Cannon Swing
Wario Phony Ball Phony Swing
Waluigi Liar Ball Liar Swing
Donkey Kong Barrel Ball Barrel Swing
Diddy Kong Banana Ball Banana Swing
Bowser Killer Ball Breath Swing
Bowser Jr. Graffiti Ball Graffiti Swing